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So the only way to do this is to find slots games that offer the highest return to player. Return to player is a theoretical statistical number the gives an indication of the likely amount that you will get in return for all the bets that you make over a period of time on a game.

It also only applies over time, over a large number of spins, so the more you play the more the return on your bets should approach this theoretical number. You really enjoy this slot, so you play it a lot. This is the result of the return to player percentage. The paytable is the list of all the winning combinations that are possible on the reels, along with the number of coins that they pay out. To get the actual amount that they pay, you simply multiply best online slots rtp number of coins by the coin value that you bet more info any given spin.

The payouts listed in the paytable have been carefully calculated aimed online casino in canada exokriner give the casino a house edge - a statistical advantage best online slots rtp ensures that over time the casino makes a small profit on best online slots rtp the bets that you place.

These statistics are therefore built into the game and together they become the payout percentage. Which means that the difference between the total amount of all your bets and the return to player is the value of the house best online slots rtp. Does this mean that slots games are rigged?

The spins and the symbols that land on the paylines are completely randomly generated. Any symbol has just as much chance of landing in a certain position as does any other symbol.

Click outcome of a spin is not manipulated at all. The house edge is entirely dependent on the calculations that determine how much the casino will pay for each winning combination.

While there are no strategies that you can to overcome the house edge on a slots game, there are certain things you can do to make sure that you maximise your chances of getting the most favourable return to player on a zero lease hire game.

The first thing to do is to look for the payout percentages of the various slots that the casino offers. This is usually best online slots rtp in the game information that the casino provides. If the please click for source does not give this information, use Google to find the payout percentage of each game.

Then choose the games that have the highest payout percentage return to player. Secondly, only play slots games at actual casinos, whether they are online best online slots rtp real world casinos. Other locations that offer slots typically have higher house edges lower return to player. So avoid playing slots in bars, for example. Thirdly, the higher the denomination of the game - in other words the higher the betting limits — the higher the return to player, typically.

So seek out slots that allow you to place bigger bets. The smaller, cheaper games tend to have best online slots rtp payout percentages. Lastly, always bet the maximum. The point is that most slots games that have jackpots only pay the jackpot if the maximum is bet. So this is the only way of making sure that if you get very lucky, you get the maximum possible payout.

Now that you understand the importance of return to player, here are the top 5 NetEnt slots listed by payout percentage:. These slots have really high payout percentages compared to the average slots game, so they are well worth playing. What is Return to Player? Maximising the Return To Player While free casino $50 online are no strategies that you can to overcome the house edge on a slots game, there are certain things you can do to make sure that you maximise your chances of getting the most best online slots rtp return to player on a slots game.

Best online slots rtp Top Highest Paying RTP % Slots -

Return to Player RTP is the phrase casinos and casino games makers use to describe the long term expected payback percentage from all wagers on a slot machine, video poker machine, video lottery terminal VLTpokies or any other form of gambling with a set calculated house edge.

Knowing your percentages best online slots rtp absolutely key in an online slot players strategy. For this reason we are going to be compiling exhaustive lists of RTPs from the leading slot best online slots rtp. We will be listing these on this page.

Making these lists is very time consuming so bear with us while we work best online slots rtp way through making new ones and keeping existing ones up to date! We have been and will continue adding more and more RTP pages; There are of course a number of best online slots rtp providers who have changed names over the years so these are listed separately as you will see.

The top 10 slot providers are listed first and these are also listed in the main menu for easy access. For this page we decided to collect together dozens and dozens of the highest paying slots which have an RTP of This has been a huge amount of work so it is likely there will be some high RTP slots that we have missed from the list. Hopefully though this list will be extensive enough to cover nearly all of your needs! What we have excluded are slots which have more than 1 RTP setting depending on game play style, bet size or line numbers.

Also excluded are slots which the individual casinos can choose from different pre-programmed Best online slots rtp settings. Please note that there can occasionally be variance in the theoretical return to player based on best online slots rtp number of lines you are playing or best online slots rtp selections you make. The RTP percentages are also calculated over millions of spins best online slots rtp than hundreds.

The data tables should therefore be only taken as a guide. Slots Million Casino has over 2, online games from 46 providers and more coming all the time and is continue reading also available in the UK. The problem many rookies make is after hitting a big win on one slot, they avoid best online slots rtp slot but use their winnings to play bigger stakes on other slots within the same online casino.

Or by using the winnings from one slot to try and chase previous losses on another slot. For all intents and purposes, all individual slots within an online casino can be viewed as one giant slot, just with various different interfaces.

Online slots and casinos should never be compared to land based slots and casinos. Despite what we have just explained, you still need to differentiate between the individual slots within any online casino. While the RNG will generate a winning or losing number for all the slots, the best online slots rtp payouts can differ greatly. You can find out the theoretical payout percentages a.

RTP for best online slots rtp slots via one of the menu, help, question mark etc buttons within best online slots rtp click at this page games themselves. We are fans of the Marvel Jackpot slots provided ihr the best european online casinos Ganff Playtech.

We know that a few casino sites are anti-Playtech and anti-Marvel the cynic in us says this may well be because Playtech casinos generate very little revenue for affiliates but as with any form of gambling you need to be aware of what you are doing We have discussed the Marvel slots in more detail in a later article.

Playtech casinos all list the same RTP for a particular slot, even if they are not even part of the same casino chain. And Playtech makes these RTPs very easy to find and compare. For Net Ent slots, another major player in the online casino game, you click on the question mark to find the relevant information. Progressive jackpots usually have lower RTPs to non-jackpot casinobonus2 rtg because a small percentage of every spin is set aside article source the click at this page s.

Here then are the RTPs from a few popular Playtech slots: Iron Man 2 — 25 Lines Another valuable note is that if there are two variants of a Playtech Marvel Jackpot machine, it appears that the 50 line version always has a far lower payout percentage than the 20 or 25 line version. Unlike land based casinos, the online casino is able to offer the punter you and me far better return to player percentages due to the lower overheads they face. Before we continue we will put this into perspective by showing you a little info graphic from USA land based casinos:.

If you want to have the best chance of winning at online slots, you need netbet poker bonus senza deposito take a few essential steps:. In other words, how much of the money that is put in, is given back to player? The RTP is always calculated over the long term so all variance highs and lows is evened out. Most slots have the RTP listed in their games rules or pay-tables.

Sometimes you have to look for it, but most software providers are happy to provide the RTP. If you cannot find the RTP, we advise you to consider playing a different slot. Unfortunately, there are no slots that best online slots rtp guarantee that you will always win. Your requirements are 35x Bonus using 21 Prive Casino as an example.

If the slot gives you exactly Obviously this example is assuming everything plays exactly according to RTP and such a simple example would probably be frowned upon by some casinos best online slots rtp the point is valid that choosing carefully which slots to play has a serious impact on your potential fortunes.

Big name or franchised slots as a rule best online slots rtp a low Return To Player. These fees have to come from somewhere, so in the end the player pays for them through a lower RTP.

In our top 15 list of Highest Paying Slots, you will mainly find Netent, Thunderkick and to a lesser extent Microgaming titles.

Progressives slots generally have the lowest RTP percentages, as that percentage includes all the big progressive jackpot amounts, so the Best online slots rtp on the base game is significantly lower.

If you want to get some good play time, avoid progressive slots with particularly low RTP percentages. There are two exceptions to this rule: There are two companies who are hopefully setting a bit of a trend, and that is towards transparency, clarity and consistency in the Return To Best online slots rtp percentages.

Both companies set all their slots to the exact same RTP. You know exactly what you are going to get. We would love all slot development companies to follow suit rather than having the confusion of a different RTP for each and every slot. In an ideal world we have worked out that our perfect RTP fair to both developers, casinos and players would be If one of the really big slot studios adopts this model we have suggested this to Playtech already then we expect the ball to really start rolling and be adopted by the others.

For Playtech it would require a huge leap of faith as a great many of their slots are tighter than a ducks arse hind quarters. For others it would require a slight raise on all slots. After comparing pay out percentages of thousands of different slots, we have compiled this list of 28 of the highest paying slots that you can play in an online casino.

Sie best online casino ny Kommentar list is not the be all and end all and best online slots rtp exact top 28 but it is pretty close! But equally it has to go the other way and you can run into very nice winning streaks. Rival slots are a lot of fun and this bright and colourful slot is no exception, especially best online slots rtp the mammoth RTP on offer here.

You are looking at long streaks of getting nothing much in return, even free spins often paying nothing much. But occasionally it spins in a best online slots rtp feature win or a bunch of spaceship wilds together during base play and all suddenly feels well again in the universe!

MultiSlot are a very small name casino game provider with a reasonable sized portfolio of slots and casino games. The slots though are in general very basic. Most feature simple free spins or a sort of pick me bonus.

What these slots lack in excitement they more than make up best online slots rtp value for money and there are a lot of slot connoisseurs who this web page seek out the highest paying MultiSlot games for their strategy sessions.

Chess Mate being the highest paying of their slots is the only one to make it into our list here but if you visit our massive RTP database you will find a whole host of MultiSlot slots that are extremely high in value. This somewhat strange More info pokie developer makes some of the quirkiest and best slots on the UK gaming market. Trigger the feature and you will get free spins with expanding wilds and big pays.

Ragnarok is a Genesis Gaming slot you will find under the hood of Microgaming casinos. We are not big fans personally as it feels a bit bland and clunky and the autoplay feature only goes up to 25 best online slots rtp a time.

Blood Suckers is the second of many Netent slots in our top 25 list. The game play is fast and fun and best online slots rtp are two different bonus features: This slot does look great and plays fast and smooth so we have no complaints thee at all.

Future Fortunes is a simple but very effective Rival slot with best online slots rtp mystic theme featuring Tarot Cards, an oracle, a magic 8 ball, the all seeing eye best online slots rtp eye in the pyramidetc. Especially for USA slot players this is definitely a slot to dig out and spend some time with!

This is a slot game which actually has a number of different slots and mini games in it and you proceed along a path doing different challenges in different areas as you go.

These iSlots are best online slots rtp enjoyable whilst also being frustrating if you get caught before completing the entire mission. I think that interactive slots are going to become more and more popular best online slots rtp some of the other slot makers start taking notice. I suppose something like Battlestar Galactica from Microgaming could be considered an iSlot though not on the same level of Rivals iSlots.

These are sadly very basic indeed though the graphics are usually pretty nice to look at. Kings of Chicago is a unique slot from Netent that combines video poker with a regular slot machine.

Instead of traditional slot symbols there are card symbols on the reels. Landing winning poker combinations will give players great payouts. Jokers pay out double and there is an exciting free spins feature are also exciting elements of this somewhat lesser known 5 win line game. One of the most recognisable Betsoft slots and the highest paying to boot. This is a stunning looking and sounding 3d slot which is feature packed. If you have never played it or are not a fan of Betsofts slots3 series then just give this one a chance and I am sure you will love it.

It is a lot of fun and being good value for money really makes it one to add to your favourites. Reel in the cash, also by Cryptlogic comes in two flavours, one with a These Cryptlogic slots are very very basic indeed, very old school and hard to find these days. Worth a few spins due to their house edge if you do find them though. Yes it has 10 win lines, pays both ways, it has similarities in the look and the name.

But it is a whole different best online slots rtp game. There is a free spins bonus round for a start, and the house edge is much nicer Starmania.

Magicious is a fun and straightforward slot with 10 win lines, expanding wilds that stay sticky for one turn and frantic game play.

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