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See more browsing this forum: Russian Roulette Remember when going scotch if from the southor going down to the smoke if from the northwas long distance?

When Middle East work was readily available?. When driving a or F89 meant you were truly the king of the road? Recall those companies long gone, where every day was an adventure? What ever happened to those drivers you spent hours with.

Father in law was a truck driver in the ussr and was still doing runs from Lithuania into Russia up to a few years ago when he stopped driving for medical reasons. I know one time in the 80s he was gone out for a few weeks of runs and never came back when he was due. He showed up back home bout 3 weeks after. Brother in law does a few runs in Moscow direction now and again. Have to ask the european roulette table picture to get him to write some stuff down and translate it English. In I was asked to work on a one year contract for Rank Xerox, taking trailers full of office machinery from their European Distribution Centre in Venray Holland.

These were destined for Klyazma, 20 kilometres North East of Moscow. I was subbing to David Croome, who had got the work from Kepstowe Freight. Myself and Johnny Dicks, the other subbie on this contract were due to load on alternate Thursdays and then run to Russia.

Kepstowe had identified that if I ran back to Poland, changed trailers and then returned to Russia, that they could save money that they would have spent on Soviet visas, for other subbies. So that is what happened and für best resorts reno äusseren the work european roulette table picture to take in destinations miles from Moscow, I began to run to all of these exotic places as well. Such as Kishenyev, Odessa, Online mastercard and Read more. Having met my future wife Elena in Moscow, we lived in a flat in the North West of the city, near to Voikovskaya Metro station.

Our daughter Margarita was born in Moscow in I was in Moscow throughout the whole of the coup against Gorbachev, in fact being the only British driver who was there for it. I went to the White House and saw how it was defended against the coup plotters. There were a whole host of interesting occurrences during my time in Russia, which people may be interested in reading about. As the amount of work built up more and more British drivers and companies became involved and were going out far into Russia and the other republics.

I ended up spending the last 14 months of my time based permanently in Moscow and acting as a shunter for Kepstowe. I was panda 888 casino local shunter because I only went out to about 1, to 1, miles from Moscow. Kepstowe increased their fleet and were running 6 trucks and around 20 subbies.

They also sent unaccompanied trailers to Turku, in Finland which were brought down to Russia by Finish and Russian subbies. I also had to make trips up from Moscow to Turku to swap trailers. If anyone has any stories, memories or photos of Russian work then please feel free to add them to the site.

Good idea for a new thread, Mick. Here is an good thread about russian and beyond! Vodka Cola Cowboy wrote: Some of the old blokes are sadly enough not longer among us European roulette table picture they did Robert!

Did a few back loads out of a foundry near Omsk then back through Samara Kyviv and the Ukrain Hungary, then back to Italy. Dave Mackie used to go european roulette table picture through Finland when he was doing the gold mine down Samalkand way, we both used to use the M 32 to Symkent. Super european roulette table picture be a nice thread.

You got one than next time refused european roulette table picture an other driver got then one strange story. After the fall of the wall it was too much queueing for me, and finished driving abroad. I used to sneak through a bit Russia in my time as european roulette table picture, went as far as Corgos on the China border.

Glad to see click the following article new thread is going well. I know they european roulette table picture shown quite recently on european roulette table picture "any old promotor drivers" thread but feel they should be on here too. Having been heavily european roulette table picture with haulage to and within the ex-Soviet Union, I felt that now was the time to open a thread dedicated to those operations.

Having had my book, "Vodka Cola Cowboy" european roulette table picture, which charts my time living in and operating my own truck from Moscow, between andI have received numerous comments from readers who are fascinated by those european roulette table picture. Many of those readers are truck drivers, who either drove to Russia or are interested in the operations.

There will be other truckers who drove to destinations further East, such as Uzbeckistan and Kazakhstan. It would be interesting to read about their adventures. So, come on and add to the thread. Tue Aug 30, 8: Mon Jun 25, 9: Wed Jan 13, 9: Have to ask the wife to get him to write some stuff european roulette table picture and translate it English Yes, thanks for that Irish-neris, it will be very interesting. Happy New Year Robert. Thanks for the links, I will have a look at them.

I know that there was an old one about Kepstowe, at one time. Might be this one: Sun Jun 19, 2: Thanks for that Dan. There was actually one that included an article that Daf put in their magazine in Tue Sep 02, 7: Cheers, Patrick Yes Patrick, I remember them very well.

And then again in Russia. We had them on the Morocco Run as well - some good lads on there. Obviously, you were not allowed to go here on Red Square itself, so this was the nearest you could get to it. I used to go down to Red Square quite often when I lived in Moscow and it was quite funny when the authorities banned trucks from that part of the city.

Drivers would drive down to that location, leap out of their cabs and take a hurried photo. Then leap back into the cab and drive off, before the Militia could catch them. Seeing that in those days we did not have mobile phones and digital cameras, you did not know, until the old 35mm film was developed whether your european roulette table picture was any good or not.

I wonder how many drivers only made one trip to Moscow, got home and found that the shot was ruined in some way. This seemed to be a popular spot as well Everyone gets what nobody wants. Sat Apr 13, 2: Sat Nov 01, 6: Sun May european roulette table picture, West Flanders Belgium Top Re: Eric, Brilliant picture, Eric!

Happy New Year to you! Then they opened Kukariki. When I got my first one another owner driver, who had applied at the same time got his a month later. The queues into Poland and then the ex-U. R really european roulette table picture up the job. I started using Grodno, then Sauwalki and then Kaliningrad so as to beat them. But when I had to run back to the U. But I soon european roulette table picture to use Schwedt or European roulette table picture, which were always really quiet.

Once they opened the depots at Frankfurt Oder the situation improved, but by then I was based permanently in Moscow. Hopefully, this will become a good thread. Especially if people post great photos like your Eric and tell us their tales.

I hope that you will share your experiences with us Jeff. Look forward to hearing them. Sun Sep 02, Redhill Website Top Re: Thanks Doug Hi Doug. So I did not see a lot of the european roulette table picture that turned up in Moscow.

I am sure that you can give us some information about your experiences and those of the other boys. I remember sitting in the queue at Kukariki, waiting to get into Belarus and there were three boys from this company sat behind me in the queue.

They were all carrying some massive generators, on their low loaders. I recall that it was snowing, but we had a good laugh together.

View from Cosmos Hotel.

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Traditional European Roulette Table perspective vector illustration. American Roulette Table Layout. American and european roulette table vector illustration. European roulette table in the vector. Vector image of Roulette Table: Traditional European Roulette Table vector illustration.

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A table for the European roulette covered with green european roulette table picture. Vector European roulette table layout. Traditional European Roulette Table raster illustration. Horizontal European Roulette Table Layout. French roulette table layout. European roulette table with roulette wheel and ball, different colors chips raster illustration.

European roulette table with roulette wheel and ball, different colors chips vector illustration. Two tables, American and European Roulette. Roulette table and wheel. Casino Roulette Wheel isolated on white background.

Vector logo for Roulette gamble: Raster illustration isometric 3d US and European roulette table, field. Sign of profit, easy money. Casino, gambling games design just click for source. European Roulette wheel sign.

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Vector Illustration template casino roulettes wheel. European roulette wheel and table layout for online casino, poker, roulette, slot machines, card games. Vector illustration isometric 3d European roulette table, field. American Roulette wheel sign. Create your free account. Please send me product announcements, helpful advice, and special promotions. Save to Collection Create your free account to use Collections Save and organize all the images you need for your projects with Collections.

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