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Despite the landmark South African supreme court ruling against Piggs Peak Casino ina number of international casino operators still persist in marketing their services to players wanting to gamble in South African rands. Whilst there is likely argument — a legally unsound is online gambling legal in south africa 2012 in fact, that these online casinos source to cater for non-South African residents who fall under an alternative jurisdiction, the fact that the transactions are taking place using South African currency and most probably through the South African financial system make them suspect.

One of the biggest challenges in monitoring and controlling illicit online casino activity — both in South Africa and abroad, is law enforcement and national priority. Developing countries usually face a barrage of social issues including is online gambling legal in south africa 2012 crime, rape and entrenched corruption and South Africa is no exception to this.

In fact, with the recent bombardment of news about crime in South Africait is easy to infer why prosecution in the online gambling space has not been actively pursued, bar the Piggs Peak case. While the legal threat clearly exists, there is yet to be an established case against South African gamblers themselves. The irony of the situation is that many South Africans find themselves attracted to land-based casinos in the country, largely because of the perceived safety and alternative entertainment opportunities they can find in a relatively secure location.

Since these casinos are properly regulated and licensed by the state, players are free from risk of litigation and their winnings may be appropriated to their local bank accounts without any issue. Still, the convenience of gambling online for real money proves very enticing for many South African players, despite the risks which are often perceived not to have any credibility. Unlike markets likes India, which face similar legislative challenges, the South African online casino market is actually a very lucrative continue reading for the online gaming operators themselves.

Along with Australians, South Africans represent some of the highest value online gambling players in the world. Even though funding online casino accounts can sometimes be challenging using South African credit cards or bank click the following article, there is no shortage of e-wallet type options like MoneyBookers and NETeller that are easily accessible for local players.

So with few entry barriers, high value customers and a comparatively low risk of prosecution, international online gaming operators are unlikely to stop targeting the online casino South Africa market.

If the South African government were addiction online blackjack, they would be best off implementing and enforcing online gambling regulation as soon as possible. Not only will it serve to control the online gambling and sports betting space, it is sure to generate significant tax revenue from licensing fees, online casino and personal player taxation on winnings.

Until is online gambling legal in south africa 2012, South African players will likely continue to is online gambling legal in south africa 2012 the gambling law on the host of choices they have available to them. With the shutting down of Piggs Peak to South African players, below is a sample of the more well-established international casinos that cater for online gambling in Rands that have happily taken is online gambling legal in south africa 2012 the local market demand:.

If you have any doubt that this is just a small sample, you check out a more comprehensive directory of South African online casinos to see the full extent of what is available.

Clearly the demand is there and is being amply met — the South African government had better get a move on with formal regulation with respect to making online casinos in South Africa legal and taxable… there is tons of money on the table for them.

Home October 7, With the shutting down of Piggs Peak to South African players, below is a sample of the more well-established international casinos that cater for online gambling in Rands that have happily taken on the local market demand: Gigaba has also asked the PIC to provide a list of all the investments it has made, and their beneficiaries, to the national treasury.

However, Eskom has not entirely let go of Dladla will continue in his previous position as chief executive of Eskom Rotek Industries. A British teenager has admitted trying to hack into the computers of the director of the CIA and other US government officials. Return to top of is online gambling legal in south africa 2012.

Is online gambling legal in south africa 2012 Warning issued to SA’s online gamblers | Fin24

Johannesburg - Government plans to oppose a bill seeking to legalise online gambling in South Africa. The proposed bill - which has been submitted to Parliament by DA shadow is online gambling legal in south africa 2012 of trade and industry Geordin Hill-Lewis - seeks to legalise online gambling in SA.

The bill is expected to be tabled after Parliament reopens in February. The department said it further plans to oppose the bill to legalise online gambling in South Africa. Moreover, online gambling operators and participants in South Africa risk facing R10m fines, ten year jail sentences or both, according to the dti.

Do you think online gambling should be legalised in South Africa? Tell us by clicking on this link. Hill-Lewis told Fin24 that online gambling is happening in South Africa, regardless of its illegality.

The DA has argued then that it would be better to legalise online gambling so that it can be regulated best online casinos for mac, generate tax revenue and boost job creation. The bill also seeks that provinces and the National Gambling Board licence these operators.

It is unclear how much tax revenue online gambling could generate for South Africa. But the casinos in South Africa generated R But if they want to gamble they should be able to do that is online gambling legal in south africa 2012 they should be able to do that in an environment in which their interests are protected; their legal rights are protected in a legal regulatory framework.

The first is that the NGB questions how many jobs online gambling companies could create in South Africa. Thirdly, Manuel said that social considerations at stake and that strict regulation is required so that gambling is not harmful to society. Fin24 tried to contact the dti for comment on the matter but the ministry was unreachable at the time of writing. Post a comment 16 share: More In This Category Pick n Pay launches new website for easier online shopping Mattel scraps plan for digital assistant for kids Uber go here hits Paris roads with Chinese help Vodacom: Bingo money cards likely by drone in SA by Comment on this story.

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